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09 oct 2019

This year TEART was held with the slogan Concentrate and presented in Minsk the best Belarusian and European performances of recent years. On October 8, the 9th International Theatre Forum ended with Rezo Gabriadze's elegiac performance Stalingrad.

During 19 days of the theatre festival, 15 performances have been shown at 6 venues. Within the framework of the international programme, there have been shown 4 performances from Germany, Georgia, Lithuania and France. Belarus Open showcase presented 11 performances that helped better understand the image of the modern Belarusian theatre.

“Exclusivity of the director’s idea, talented performance, reflection on the world and the man in it, and most importantly – on Belarus,” the curator Lyudmila Gromyko describes the programme. A peculiarity of the forum has become the “Theater of Social Research” projects presentation.

This year, the educational platform was curated by Alexander Marchenko and explored the director's personality in the theatre. The School of TEART invited experts from Poland, Switzerland and Georgia to hold a director's laboratory, master classes and meetings. The culmination of the “School” was the presentation of sketches based on the play Richard III by William Shakespeare.

The performances of the 9th International Theatre Forum “TEART” were attended by more than 4,000 people, and more than 250 Minsk residents became participants and spectators of the School of TEART events.

“TEART” says “thanks” to all the partners of the forum, who every year provide the opportunity to present outstanding performances from around the world. Separately, the festival thanks VISA and Belgosstrakh companies for their participation.

The festival expresses special gratitude to the co-organizers – Belgazprombank OJSC and Gazprom Transgaz Belarus OJSC, without which there would be no possibility to hold the forum. TEART Directorate is grateful to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Minsk City Executive Committee for their support.

See you at the 10th anniversary International Theatre Forum TEART!