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11 oct 2016
Free lecture about Heiner Müller at “The School of TEART”

The educational project “The School of TEART” is going on. At 16.00 on October 15 German playwright Johannes Kirsten will deliver a lecture “Theatre as a laboratory of social imagination: the aesthetics of Heiner Müller” on the stage of the Gallery TUT.BY (57, pr-t Dziarzhynskaga). The entrance is free, follow the link to register.

Heiner Müller is a German playwright, theatre director, poet, essayist, follower of Berthold Brecht and the major figure of the German theatre after him. During his career Heiner Müller has written about 40 plays. At the heart of his plays there are classical topics – ancient myths (“Oedipus the King” “Herakles 5”), Shakespeare’s plays (“Macbeth”, “Hamletmachine”) or German literature works (“Mauser”, “The Mission”). In search of original topics Müller was turning to German history and its desperate moments. He was interested in the topics related to self-identity of the German nation, will to power, the attitude of people towards revolution, etc.

A famous Russian theatre critic Pavel Rudnev describes the work of Müller as following: The ideal play imitates the whole complex of social relations in space and time. For that reason theatre can become the embodiment of history, as theatricality is based upon conflict, and, first of all, the conflict of epochs, social formations, conceptions of world order.   
As Müller considered the theatre to be a place where it were possible to realize “social imagination”, he could act as a prophet and visualize the flow and development of history, examine the objectivity of theories  and the possibility of changes on stage. According to the actors that were working with him, Müller enjoyed the chaos during rehearsals as openness and possibility to improvise, imitate the reality on stage appealed to him.

Johannes Kirsten
The lecture will be delivered by Johannes Kirsten, a playwright (head of literature department) at the Drama Theatre in Hanover. Before that he had worked at different theatres in Berlin, at the National Theatre in Mannheim, at the Central Theatre Leipzig, had been a visiting professor of drama at The German Institute of Literature in Leipzig, and had cooperated as a playwright-freelancer with the National Theatre of Korea (Seoul), festivals and mass media. For the second time in a row Johannes Kirsten is coming to Minsk as an invited guest of the Belarusian showcase of the International Theatre Forum “TEART” Belarus Open.

In the evening of October 15 the viewers will be able to somehow put their knowledge into practice, as at 19.oo a play by Heiner Müller “The Mission: Memory of a Revolution”, with Johannes Kirsten being a playwright, will be put on stage at DK MAZ. The leading role will play Corinna Harfouch, a popular German actress that also filmed in “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” and “Knockin' on Heaven's Door”.

“The School of TEART” – a series of educational lectures for better understanding of contemporary theatre. The project is realized in partnership with ticket sale operator BYCARD, The Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama and the Gallery TUT.BY.

In the photo: Johannes Kirsten (the photo is provided by the theatre of Hanover)
On the news cover: Heiner Müller, photo by Joseph Gallus Rittenberg