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06 sep 2016
Free lectures by famous theatre critics at the educational program “The School of TEART”

Visual and performing arts centre “Art Corporation” and ticket sale operator with the assistance of the Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama will open the educational program “THE SCHOOL OF TEART” as part of the 6th  International Theatre Forum “TEART”. 5 brilliant lecturers – theatre experts, critics and researchers – will help the residents of Minsk understand the contemporary theatre. The entrance in free, but registration beforehand is required. Please, follow the link.

The educational program consists of 2 sets. The first one is lectures for beginners in the field of art. The “Education” will start on September 17 with the lecture “A document in the theatre art of the late XX-beginning of XXI century” delivered by theatre critic Elena Malcheuskaya at the platform of the Centre of Belarusian Drama (based in the Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama).  The lecture will be a performative one – having got the knowledge about the tools of documentary theatre and having associated theatre impressions with various objects, the lecturer and the audience will create a synopsis installation.
Another lecture by Elena Malcheuskaya “How to watch classics today?” will be about different interpretation of classic plays by contemporary theater directors.

Theatre expert, curator and theater director Tatsiana Artcimovich will continue discussions about contemporary theatre. During her lecture “Theatre in the XXI century: nobody has cancelled Aristotle?” regarding the examples of the plays staged during the forum “TEART” by Rimini Protokoll, Thomas Ostermeier, Dmitry Volkostrelov, Aleksandr Marchenko, etc. she will speak about the changes in theatre in the epoch of high tech, video and multimedia.  

On the stage of the Gallery TUT.BY dance expert and researcher Svetlana Ulanovskaya will deliver a lecture “The emancipated body of contemporary dance” about the main historical periods of contemporary choreography development, the difference between modern dance, postmodern dance and contemporary dance, the peculiarities of communication between the choreographer and the audience. Video demonstration will accompany the lecture.

Senior lecturer at BSU, theater critic and curator of showcase “Belarus Open” Ludmila Gromyko for the first time will share the results of a long-term research of a theatre process in Belarus over the last 25 years. The lecture “Belarusian theatre in the post-soviet period” will be about the metaphorical theatre of  Valery Raevsky and Boris Gerlovan, underground theatre of the 90-ies, and study of national mentality in the performances of Nikolai Pinigin.
The lecture “Contemporary Belarusian Theatre: from the destruction of criteria to the search of new forms” will be about recent changes in theatre processes, alternations of generations at the beginning of the XXI century, the crisis of ideas, the influence of director’s theatre on the repertory one, the search of a new theatrical language, the phenomenon of young Belarusian playwriting and the puppet theatre of Aleksey Lelyavsky, Oleg Zhygzhda and Igor Kazakov.

The School of TEART will end with the set of lectures for theatre professionals “Beyond the barriers” by theatre expert, chief editor of “TEATR” COLTA.RU, a regular contributor to the PH “Kommersant”, Dmitry Renansky. He will deliver the following lectures: “Contemporary theatre: its map and territory”, “Romeo Castellucci”, “Heiner Goebbels”. The audience will learn about the key trends of modern theatre process, the development and mutation of theatre at the beginning of the XXI century, the changes in the way of watching and in the role of a viewer.  And how could it happen that the two leading figures of European theatre today have become an artist Romeo Castellucci and a composer Heiner Goebbels? How do theatre and «related arts» influence each other and is it possible to alter boundaries between them in the era of total mergers and acquisitions?

During the lectures there will be raffled off tickets to the plays of The International Theatre Forum “TEART” by the title partner – ticket sale operator

“The School of TEART” Organizers: Visual and performing arts centre «ART Corporation» and Auditorium Project with the assistance of the Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama, the Centre of Belarusian Drama  and the Gallery TUT.BY. The title partner – ticket sale operator BYCARD.BY

International Theatre Forum “TEART” organizers: Visual and performing arts centre «ART Corporation» and OJSC “Belgazprombank”, the title partner  – “Gazprom Transgaz Belarus”. The forum will be held with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and Minsk City Executive Committee.

The program may be subject to changes. Follow the news on the website.