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  • 24 oct 2020, 21:00

TEART has always been an interdisciplinary project and, more importantly, a career development platform for people who want to realize themselves in the theatre in various professions, not only as a director, playwright or actor. The exhibition by Bogdan Zhuikov is a starting point for a designer, whose work closely intertwines TEART, theatre and the conditions in which Belarusian art exists today.

More relevant than ever is the fact that the previous nine years will be shown in photos, symbolically capturing the moment of “togetherness” with the theatre. The year 2020 created complex social and political realities, and as a result it is almost impossible to experience the unity with the artists on the scene now. That is why the second part of the exhibition is interactive. In the form of video projection, it invites the viewer to become a part of TEART, a part of a moment in the theatre, which corresponds to our present-day digital reality.

Each of the Forums is not just another theatre festival. All of them reflect the realities in which they were created and the reactions on the ongoing situation in Belarus. They also represent a snapshot of the modern Belarusian and world theatre. An inimitable and emotional ten-year story is formed from a multitude of unique events. Through the brightest moments of the forum, the viewer will go a long way from the first memories to the present day, becoming part of this story. “TEART in faces” represents the faces of the usually invisible festival team, faces of actors, technicians, directors, volunteers and spectators.

The author about the exhibition: “Details will create a truth.”

October 2 – 24
16:00 – 21:00

ОК16 (“Backstage” hall)
ul. Oktyabrskaya, 16/27

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